Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Roys Shake

Roy wanted to make a shake, so i said we have some cherry pie filling in the fridge and some cheese cake that needs to get used up, so next thing I know it's all in the blender! It tasted GREAT once it was done. As U can see by Roys face!!! :)

A trip to the Moon & Mars

Nana Mavis came to visit us in March, so we thought it would be fun as it was a Friday to go and pick her up from the airport and stay in a hotel for the night and spend the next day in Salt Lake, so that's what we done, we had a "Blast" at the planetarium.

Hailey tries chocolate

What fun we have, 1st birthday's, baths with no water, and chocolate in our sandwiches!!

Ben gets 1st Place

It was his 1st science fair, we spent weeks planning, making a poster and learning everything there is to know about dinosaurs. All the work paid of in the end, he got 1st place for the 3rd grade collection. Way to Go Ben. :)

From Long to Short

Allie decided to have a change, her goal was to grow her hair down to her bottom, then she came home from school and asked if she could get her hair cut, so I took and this was how short she wanted it.

Sammy's New Dress

Just trying this out, I spent last night and this morning making Sammy a new dress, then she wouldn't try it on as it wasn't Sunday!! :) Allie asked if she could have it instead, she tryed it on for size and it fit her, then Sammy decided that she would try it on after all! Now I have to make one for Allie!